PS3 and Vita Can't Connect




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    Randy Keener

    ok so i have AT&T im in north america and i noticed the problem before august 16th, some details are that i dont get any specific message just that it cant connect online and that i can still play offline. Something i found strange is that when i go to my friends house on their wifi it works great i can connect online no problem but when i come back home it just wont work.  ive tried off and on to solve this doing things like messing with the router settings but nothing has worked. It would be worth a lot to me if you can help because i have so much fun playing with other peeps online. Thx

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    Lucy Armelin

    Thanks for the info Randy. This issue has been reported to Sony and is going in for testing as we speak - it's something we are taking seriously and we want it fixed ASAP. We don't have any more information yet to give an update, but as soon as we get something back we will let you guys know :)

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    Randy Keener

    Sounds good to me!And many thanks for helping me out with this issue since it seems like such a specific problem cause its with a Vita.

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    Cameron Usman

    Per my own testing, I believe problem is specific to AT&T U-Verse home Internet as I am able to connect my Vita to AT&T Mobile Hotspot (gets NAT Type-3) and play but not on the AT&T U-Verse home wifi connection (NAT Type-2).

    Same Vita on my cellphone Verizon hotspot (NAT Type-2) also works.

    My PS3 has the same issue as the PS-Vita while my PS4 on the same AT&T U-Verse home network works without issue.

    All US Region

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